Tan Veterina Limited is Tanzania’s leading indigenous animal health and nutrition manufacturer.

Tan Veterina Limited is a private limited liability company. The firm was duly registered in the United Republic of Tanzania on 19th of November,1991.

Tanvet is a registered trade mark of Tan Veterina Ltd. The company specializes in importing, manufacturing and distribution of Animal Health and Nutritional products covering a wide of Anti microbials, anti-helmintics, analgesics, Arcarices, vitamins and mineral supplements.

Manufacturing of Injectables and vaccine is contracted to manufacturing facilities outside the country. Local manufacturing of water soluble powders, liquids and boluses is done by Biotec Laboratories Ltd,  a subsidiary  and manufacturing arm of Tan Veterina Ltd.  The products carries BIOTEC brand label. Biotec laboratories has administration of office at Hifadhi Epz Ubungo and Manufacturing facility at Kibaha Industrial Area

Mission statement

To offer products and services to livestock keepers in Tanzania
and neighboring countries that will solve their nutritional and animal
health problems at affordable prices in order to improve their livestock
Production performance and income.

Vision Statement

Tan Veterina Ltd. is recognized as an important stakeholder in
implementing the government policy in the development of the livestock
sector through provision of effective solutions to problems impacting
livestock production and public health.


Reliable: Service to our customers
Innovative: product and services
Creative: Customer and shareholders satisfaction
Respectful: to employees


The company is headed by Dr.Jabu D.Mwasha, a veteran veterinary
doctor in Tanzania. He also holds a Masters in Business Administration
(MBA)Marketing. He worked with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock
Development until 1995 when he decided to quit to form Tan Veterina
Limited. From there, he has never looked back, and he has been able to
contribute to good health and life, of millions of livestock across the
country over the years. He is a believer that healthy livestock leads to
improved livelihood for Tanzania’s millions of livestock keepers. Dr Jabu
also has a passion for encouraging Tanzanians to venture in business, to
unlock the nation’s economic potential


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